JH: “Because I don’t exactly have what you’d call a regular job and can dress just however I want I like the perversity of choosing to wear some kind of conformist uniform. I think it’s about individual freedom. I grew up with an oppressive presence in my life and to this day I still feel the need to express my independence by reserving the right to do whatever I want whenever I want. If I worked on Wall Street I’d be wearing a ‘fuck you’ shorts and sliders ensemble to the office and hanging a dreamcatcher over my desk. Working creatively I like to look like I might audit you.”

“It’s a navy Prada suit with a French cut. I only ever wear pale blue shirts. It’s something to do with growing up working class in a shoemaking town in the Midlands. The smell of glue and leather reminds me of home, hence the black Church’s. I have many pairs, always black with the spit and polish Guardsman’s toe shine. The knitted gloves with the nylon sleeves I picked up off the floor in a Tokyo street. They might well be for car detailing but I like to imagine they’re designed for more nefarious practices. It’s the unexpected narratives that objects can trigger that fascinate me.”