JH: “If you’re growing up in the middle of nowhere then to say that the 1970’s narrative games of fashion photographer Guy Bourdin and 80’s designer Jean-Paul Goude made Paris seem like the epicentre of somewhere would be a massive understatement. I wasn’t allowed to watch commercial television but one late night sneak peek at Goude’s ‘Egoiste’ ad and a career as an advertising director was probably some kind of inevitability.”

“If, and it’s a big IF, you can overlook the wall-to-wall sexism of the time then it’s hard not to consider Bourdin’s editorial output, Goude’s Grace Jones work (culminating in that killer Citroen ad) and Ridley Scott’s sublime ‘Share the Fantasy’ Chanel commercials to be pivotal milestones in glamour and image making.”

“Undeniably I’m a chronic 1970’s merchant. Helmut Newton. Chris Von Wangenheim. That period’s aesthetic is my ‘happy place’. It’s definitely filtered down into my work over the years. Sometimes images gestate in the mind or the sketchbook over decades. Sometimes an image effortlessly makes itself in seconds. Bourdin wouldn’t be surprised by the instant visual fun you can have with the most basic items in your closet; a pair of socks - some boxer shorts - a vacuum cleaner - an airbed. Some images just have to be made for the ‘LOL’s’. Not everyone is going to ‘share the fantasy’ let alone the sense of humour but I doubt Bourdin would have thought it undignified to make such an image. Either way, in terms of how predictable you like your imagery it certainly sorts the women from the girls.”